About Imaec Medntek

Mahavir Coal Washeries, our parent company was established with the sole purpose of washing high ash indigenous coal. Since its inception, Mahavir Group has reached insurmountable heights in the Coal Washeries Industry. Dr. Vishal Kumar Jain, our founder also has the distinction of setting up the Triveni Institute of Dental Sciences, Hospital & Research center in the year 2008 in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

At IMAEC MEDNTEK, we aspire to become the market leaders in Infection Control Solutions in India as well as on a global scale. IMAEC MEDNTEK Solutions has the ability to cater to various hospital sectors & industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, Veterinary etc.

It is our dream that in the near future, IMAEC MEDNTEK will become the leading provider of products & services to people with chronic kidney failure.

Looking at the present circumstances, it seems inevitable that there will be a rise in chronic diseases in the near future due to an ageing population & will transform patient demographics. Simultaneously, we’ll have to face tougher challenges due to the cost pressure & the limitations of the healthcare system in the country. To counter these challenges, IMAEC MEDNTEK is planning to launch 4-5 dialysis centers in India in the coming year. Later, we will increase the number of dialysis centers in India. We aspire to provide economical and innovative solutions in infection control and dialysis.



As of today, the Global Devices Market stands at a whopping 450 billion USD.

The Global Devices Market is touted to grow at a rate of 6.1% from 2021.

The Global Dialysis market is worth approximately 175 billion USD.

The Global Dialysis market is expected to grow at 7.7% from 2021.

The Indian Dialysis Market is currently worth around 1700 Cr. Rupees.

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Our vision is to be customer centric company, to build a space in Dialysis, Infection control and drug device segments by developing innovative, affordable products & sustainable technical solutions.


As a medical device company, we commit to strengthen our position as market leader and financially viable company and continuous enhancement of economic well-being of all stakeholders.


IMAEC is known for its professionalism & dedication towards the betterment & growth of our stakeholders as well as the provision of excellent service & top-quality products to all our customers. As an organization we are built on a strong foundation of some of the following values:

  • Accountability
  • Sharing Joys & Sorrows
  • Social Contribution
  • Trust Building
  • Team Work
  • Work Life Balance


We inspire and empower our employees to deliver the best medical devices solutions to achieve customer satisfaction and enable them to improve the quality of patient lives.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Purpose

MD's Message

Imaec Medntek is a technology driven company aspiring to provide economical and innovative solutions in Infection Control and Dialysis. IMAEC MEDNTEK Solutions has the ability to cater to various hospital sectors & industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, Veterinary etc. As Imaec Medntek aspire to become market leaders in Medical devices continuously strive to grow as a complete...

Dr. Vishal Kumar Jain


CEO's Message

IMAEC MEDNTEK is a value based, technology driven company aspiring to create exceptional opportunities and experiences for every member of its dynamic team with Customer First as the primary business principle. Here we are creating the right future environment with a holistic and data-driven approach through soliciting our employee input by setting up a cross functional team.




Here are a few USP's for which IMAEC Medntek is known in the industry:


Ethical marketing route with authentic scientific data.


Sharp focus on Sales Staff Technical training and product training.


Effective digital marketing platforms.


Effective supply chain - owned warehouses. (Total of 5)


Penetration in regulatory markets in the USA, Europe, Australia and Canada.