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About Imaec Medntek

‘IMAEC Medntek is an emerging medical devices, consumable and disinfectant manufacturer based at Pune, Maharashtra, India. We are a value based, technology driven company aspiring to create exceptional opportunities and experiences for all stakeholders with Customer First as the primary business principle. We aspire to provide economical and innovative solutions in Infection Control and Dialysis. We have the ability to cater to various segments of the healthcare sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, Veterinary etc.,

It is our endeavor to become the market leaders in our market segment not only in India but globally. Towards this end we have made major investments in expanding our production facilities, acquiring state of the art technologies and training our manpower. We have established an exclusive research and development facility to encourage new product development and innovations. We therefore are moving ahead with the enthusiasm of a start-up and the professional maturity of a well-structured organization towards becoming the market leader in Infection Control & Dialysis products.’


As of today, the Global Devices Market stands at a whopping 450 billion USD.
The Global Devices Market is touted to grow at a rate of 6.1% from 2021.
The Global Dialysis market is worth approximately 175 billion USD.
The Global Dialysis market is expected to grow at 7.7%
The Indian Dialysis Market is currently worth around 1700 Cr. Rupees.


Our vision is to be customer centric company, to build a space in Dialysis, Infection control and drug device segments by developing innovative, affordable products & sustainable technical solutions.



As a medical device company, we commit to strengthen our position as market leader and financially viable company and continuous enhancement of economic well-being of all stakeholders.



IMAEC is known for its professionalism & dedication towards the betterment & growth of our stakeholders as well as the provision of excellent service & top-quality products to all our customers. As an organization we are built on a strong foundation of some of the following values:

  • Accountability
  • Sharing Joys & Sorrows
  • Social Contribution
  • Trust Building
  • Team Work
  • Work Life Balance


We inspire and empower our employees to deliver the best medical devices solutions to achieve customer satisfaction and enable them to improve the quality of patient lives.

Our Leadership Team

MD's Message

IMAEC Medntek Ltd. is a futuristic organization with a patient-centric approach, innovative team, and focused attitude eyeing the only goal to provide the best end-to-end solutions in the field of Infection Control and Dialysis. Our team works hard to create awareness in society about ideal practices in personal hygiene and infection control. We also inform about ideal practices in Infection Control procedures in Medical facilities. We provide the best and most specialized solutions to achieve high standards of Infection Control at root-level facilities and different sectors of the medical community like Dental Facilities, Medical Colleges, and General hospitals

We, IMAEC Medntek Ltd., have undertaken a mammoth task to establish a network of 100 dialysis centers across India, providing exemplary treatment to dialysis patients under one roof. These facilities will reduce suffering and also improve the quality of life of the patients

IMAEC Medntek Ltd. Solutions can cater to the hospital sector & individuals. We aspire to become the market leader in medical devices. Our company continuously strives to grow as a complete end-to-end solution provider. We are constantly expanding our product range and are committed to providing quality products backed by an efficient supply chain.

The work culture at IMAEC Medntek Ltd. is truly defined by its Values of Accountability, Sharing Joys & Sorrows, Social Contribution, Trust Building, Team Work, and Work-Life Balance. We inspire and empower our employees to deliver the best Infection Control solutions, and Medical Device Solutions to achieve customer satisfaction. Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand.

user-image - Dr. Vishal Kumar Jain (MD)

CEO's Message

Attention to the health of self and close ones has seen an unprecedented rise in the past few years. People are aware of health than ever before. They are more concerned about heath than any other aspect of life. Healthcare systems worldwide are more inclined to infection control at early stages, and commoners are helping it with active participation. Infection control products had become a priority over many other purchases. The past few years had shown us that Infection control products are not just a choice, its a necessity.

IMAEC Medntek Ltd. is a new yet promising enterprise launching a whole range of infection control products in the south, west, and central part of India. Our company has established the best supply chain procedures, logistics, and control system. We are also developing and manufacturing dialysis machines, RO Plants, and Dialysis Chairs, which is inline with the high-priority program for investments in dialysis segments conferred by the Govt. of India. We have expanded and initiated exports to East Europe, GCC, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. I am positive about the growth prospects of IMAEC Medntek Ltd. I am sure about the future of the company because of our loyal, hardworking, and intuitive employees. We are seeing ourselves at new heights because of our valued customers. We, IMAEC Medntek, are hugely grateful for the support we receive from our Customers, Employees, and vendors from time to time. Also, I thank the Board of Directors for their guidance and support.

user-image - Mr. SUNIL GOKHALE (CEO)
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