Dental Division

Oral health is an important aspect of total health and Oral health problem is a leading cause of many health issues. Most of these oral health conditions are preventable and can be treated in their early stages. In India, oral hygiene is neglected due to a lack of awareness, affordability, and overall social orientation. This situation has triggered growth in oral health care services. These oral care facilities are tending to be a major source of the spread of infections. Being primary facilities to treat patients, these facilities also become a convergence point for all infections. This creates a greater risk to patients as well as practitioners. To prevent infections, We, IMAEC, have established a separate Dental Division. This division, through continuous research and development, provides the best solutions for infection control through our range of products mainly categorized in Dental Disinfectants, Dental equipment, Dental Kits, and Dental Tools. Here you can find a solution for all your infection control requirements

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