With top of the line infrastructure, we at IMAEC MEDNTEK aspire to be market leaders in our industry. Our upcoming medical device plant at Chakan MIDC, Pune, Maharashtra is fully equipped with the latest best in class equipment and a top-class management. Here are a few salient features which will be available soon at the plant:

The facility at Chakan will have the capability to manufacture Disposable Garments with an area of 20,000 Sq. Ft, Dialysis Consumables with an area of 60,000 Sq. Ft. & Disinfectants with an area of 60,000 Sq. Ft. The facility will also have ancillary areas required for laboratories and other necessary processes.

The manufacturing of medical devices & equipment needs a certain temperature to be maintained inside the premises. A controlled environment is necessary for us to achieve the desired results. The unique selling point of our facility in Chakan is that we have a fully air-conditioned manufacturing building with specific zones allocated according to FDA guidelines.

Three layers of tree plantations will be available along the plot boundary with the tree lining being followed by lush green lawns in accordance to the development laws. We are committed to the preservation of our environment along with development.

Our facility will be equipped with an advanced PLC controlled fire detection & suppression system. We are planning to provide sufficient provision for service/utility planning through dedicated Electrical Rooms, IT Rooms, Fire Shafts, AHU ducts etc. Planned compartmentalization will be carried out in accordance to the government’s fire safety norms.

We are dedicated towards maintaining a very high level of safety & security of our staff as well as the preservation of the environment. We have engineered skylights & energy friendly building management systems to ensure the highest level of safety while maintaining a reasonably low carbon footprint at the same time.

Our medical equipment facility at Chakan will have a dedicated workforce of 150 male workers & 100 female workers. Along with this, we have covered parking available for 25 cars, 200 two-wheelers & 100 bicycles.

According to solar mapping surveys, for most of the time in the year, the sun movement is observed to be from East to West via the South. The facility is built in the North-South orientation so as to capture maximum solar radiation coming from the south.

We have ensured a systematic segregation of all movement and transport of materials, staff movement etc. with a well-planned architecture of boarding, alighting sides & directions which in turn ensures a smooth flow of traffic & movement within the premises.

Our central administration office is located on the first floor itself which makes it convenient to find. Moreover, we’re in process of creating a spacious entrance foyer equipped with features & luxuries like glass facades, Atrium, Passenger Elevator on the ground floor. People working in the administrative office can enter the manufacturing area only after the completion of standard operating procedures on the ground floor.

We will also be having a fully stocked canteen on the first floor along with a service staircase in the South-East corner of the building to provide access to the kitchen. A provision has been made so that workers can access the dining area directly from the workers movement passage.