ProWipes IP- Hand Sanitizer (Liquid Hand Rub)

Hand Hygiene Solution -Kills 99.99% Germs very effectively -Rapid & Prolonged in action, Skin protective

Product Category: Disinfectants
Contact Time : 30 secs
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Min quantity: 40 units


Prowipes IP-Hand sanitizer is the most effective, rapid in action to kill germs. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer which helps to break the chain of infection. It is dermatologically tested as skin protective and has a prolonged action. It is effective against MRSA and VRE.


Each 100ml contains: 

  • Active Ingredients
  • Iso- Propyl Alcohol  IP
    75% v/v
  • Hydrogen Peroxide IP                      0.125% v/v
  • Glycerol IP
    1.45% v/v.

WHO recommended formulation,Enriched with action 

Note-Product should be used in accordance with label instruction