Pro-Fab Non-Sterile Coverall Suit With Seam Sealing (LBF)

Product Components/Material – LBF Product Category - Prime Size & GSM: Available in all sizes & various GSM Packaging: Medical Pouch – ETO Sterile

Product Category: Disposable Garments
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Min quantity: 50 units


Coverall Suits are available in both variants, with & without seam sealed. These Coverall Suits are available in all sizes as S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL. IMAEC MEDNTEK with its modern facility ensures & committed for its highest quality Coverall Suits to meet the customer expectations.


Coverall Suits are available in Prime LBF (Laminated breathable film) material which is highly efficient filtering protective material. They are compact in structure and can effectively block liquids and particulates. At the same time, they are covered with a special breathable membrane.  Coverall Suits are most often worn as protective clothing over "street" clothes at work.