Direction of Use: For external use only

Pour the hand wash liquid into dispensing pump. Push pump 2 times 3-6ml solution on wet hands. Rub hands for 30 seconds using proper hand washing technique. Rinse hands thoroughly with tap water and air dry.


Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Pack Size: 5 Lit.

Product complies: As per IS: 4199 specifications

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Sodium CMC, Coco betaine (Coco amido propyl betaine), pearly white colour, jasmin fragrance, CDEA, SLES, Salt solution, Surfactant/Cleansing agent, Emollient & moisturizer

Pack Size: 5 Lit.


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  • Gentle to skin
  • Skin protective emollient & moisturizers
  • Kills germs effectively on hands
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Maintains pH
  • Non-volatile
  • Good cleansing agent
  • Suitable for routine use
  • Available in different colour & fragrance
  • Economical

  • 100% Money back
  • Non-contact shipping
  • Free delivery for order over 20000