Cidaltek OPA

OPA-14 Day Instrument Disinfectant

 Composition:  Each 100 ml contains                      

Active Ingredients Quantity
Ortho- Phthalaldehyde

(1,2- Benzenedicarboxaldehyde)

0.55 % w/w

Pack size: 5 litres

Indicator Strip: Yes

Shelf life:

Open but un-used portion: 75 days

Used portion: 14 days

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CidalTek-OPA is a high-level disinfectant to disinfect the heat sensitive semi-critical medical devices. CidalTek-OPA having excellent material compatibility & suitable for reprocessing of dental instruments made of rubber, plastic, metals etc. It has excellent stability over a wide.

pH range (pH 3–9), is not a known irritant to the eyes and nasal passages & does not require exposure monitoring, has a barely perceptible odour, and requires no activation. CidalTek-OPA has excellent microbicidal activity, across a range of microorganism.


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  • High level disinfectant for dental instrument tools & devices
  • Ready to use
  • No activator required
  • Product activity check by OPA indicator strip
  • Fast-acting: fast turnaround of reprocessed dental instruments.
  • Achieves high-level disinfection in short contact time
  • Short contact time
  • Efficient 12-minute soak time at 20°C for manual reprocessing
  • Long-lasting efficacy - reusable for up to 14 days when monitored with CidalTek OPA Test Strips
  • Effective against glutaraldehyde-resistant Mycobacterium/Tuberculocidal strain
  • Sporicidal action with contact time 3 hrs
  • Non rusting formulation
  • Flexible reprocessing
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Suitable for manual disinfection of compatible semi-critical medical and dental devices.

  • Firstly, wear the entire PPE and start with contaminated medical device, tools, or instrument pre-clean with soap & water/enzymatic cleaner solution.
  • Medical device fully immerses in ready to use solution of CidalTek OPA in tray in a such way that all devices completely deep in solution
  • Immerse for minimum 12 minutes at 20°C for disinfection.
  • after the recommended contact time, rinse the dental devices, tools instruments etc. with water of at least sterile water quality and dry. During the rinse, use enough water to completely cover the appliance and leave the appliance in the water for at least 1 minute. Repeat this process 2 -3 more times. Make sure that a new water supply is provided for each rinse. Do not reuse water for rinsing or other purposes. Now instrument able to use.
  • Used CidalTek-OPA solution before reusing should be checked by CidalTek-OPA indicator strip.
Dental Instrument Disinfectant Disinfection Method Disinfection Contact Time & Temperature
CidalTek-OPA Manual 12 minutes at 20°C

  • For disinfection of dental patient care items (dental instruments, critical, semi-critical dental equipment, tools etc.)
  • OPA is indicated for dental semi-critical instruments that comes into contact with mucous membranes or broken skin, such as specula, laryngeal mirror & internal ultrasound probes.
  • For disinfection of dental semi critical and critical medical devices (surgical instruments, extraction forceps, bone chisels, periodontal scalers, scalpel blades, surgical dental burs, dental mouth mirror, amalgam condenser, air/water syringes reusable dental impression trays, dental handpieces, endodontic files)
  • To disinfect contaminated dental instruments and devices through percutaneous injury in dental settings.
  • Use for objects and tools which are visibly contaminated by saliva, mucous and Other potentially infectious material in dental clinics and hospitals.
  • For dental clinic, lab instruments

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Tuberculocidal, Pseudomonacidal & Virucidal.

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