Clean Cut- Medical Clipper

Benefits of pre-operative hair removal:

For Patients

  • Minimal risk of micro-injuries, infection, skin irritations
  • Low noise level
  • Quick and simple procedure, particularly for children
  • Eliminate painful cuts, particularly in the genital area
  • Better adhesion of wound dressing materials

For Clinicians

  • Efficient skin preparation for surgery: time saving, quick and easy
  • Safe removal of body hair without cuts and skin lesions
  • A clean and clear incision site, facilitating adhesion of dressings to the body
  • Significant reduction in infection rate
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The world`s first Medical Clipper with twistable shaving head.

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Product No. Description
SC001 Rechargeable Medical Clipper (with charging station)
SC002 Universal disposable blades
SC003 Neuro disposable blades


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  • World's first medical clipper with twistable shaving head: for safe operation in hard-to-reach areas of the body
  • Efficient pre-operative hair removal of both wet and dry hair
  • Non-slip grip – no risk of injury from slipping
  • Easy to use disposable surgical clipper blade
  • Advanced battery technology and short charging time
  • The ultimate in hair removal.
  • Skin preparation has never been faster, easier, safer or more cost effective
  • Revolutionary head twists 45 degrees to contour to even the most difficult-to-reach areas
  • The non-slip grip handle provides the necessary control for complete hair removal without injury
  • Two types of disposable clipper blades: the Universal designed for most hair and clipping needs, and the Neuro for coarse or dense hair. Both ensure a smooth sliding motion, while preventing direct skin contact.
  • Greatly reduces the risk of painful cuts, micro injuries, skin irritation and infection.
  • Technical information:
    Unique twistable shaving head Disposable Universal blade and Neuro blade
    Superior cutting performance Non-slip handle
    Rechargeable lithium battery Short battery charging time of 1 hour
    Battery status indicator Battery overcharge protection
    Water resistant body Rinsing and cleaning with disinfectant
    Warranty 2 years

Easy to use: Recommended procedure

  1. Insert disposable shaving head
    • Remove the disposable shaving head from the pack.
    • Install the new blade on the hair cutting head and slide
    • The blade back until it snaps into place and all edges are flush.
  1. Cutting Hair
  • Hold the handle of the surgical clipper like a pen, with
  • The logo on top. Stretch the skin, put the shaving
  • Head flat on the skin and run the clipper against the direction of hair growth.
  1. Remove the blade
  • Turn off the surgical clipper, hold it with the blade pointing down over a waste container and press the eject button, using your thumb pushing forward.
  1. Clean the handle of the surgical clipper
  • Wash the handle of the surgical clippers with water, dry it. Clean the surgical clipper with a surface disinfectant or disinfectant towel.
  1. Loading and storing
  • Set the surgical clipper upright in the charger, so that the surgical clipper will be charged for the next use

  • Pre-operative hair removal.

  • 100% Money back
  • Non-contact shipping
  • Free delivery for order over 20000