Kavalika-Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing BP 93

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Kavalika Chlorhexidine Gauge Dressing BP 93 Patch It is leno weave cotton gauze that has been impregnated with an ointment having petroleum jelly (soft paraffin) containing 0.5% w/w Chlorhexidine Acetate B.P. 10 cmx 10 cm individual patch 1 x 10 No.


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  • To protect the wound from infection in Burns, Skin Graft, bedsores & ulcers where there is danger of infection or wound is already infected
  • Minor burns and scalds, lacerations, abrasions and other skin loss wounds.
  • It is Gamma sterile to guarantee sterility
  • The dressing is used as a primary wound contact layer and the paraffin is present to reduce the adherence of the product to the surface of a granulating wound

Remove the detaching layer and apply the sticky part of the patch to the open wounds or the affected part.

On open wounds skin burns, and prior to any dressings, leg ulcers, and on skin graft sites.

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