Kavalika-PU Casting Bandage

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Kavalika-PU Casting Bandage Polyester based fabric coated with water curable polyurethane 12.5cm X 3.6m, 10cm X 3.6m, 7.5cm X 3.6m, 5cm X 3.6m 1 x 2 No.
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10cm X 3.6m,, 12.5cm X 3.6m,, 5cm X 3.6m, 7.5cm X 3.6m,


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  • U. Bandage is light weight porous substitute for Plaster of Paris Bandage.
  • Used To fix the fractured bones
  • Useful Specially for legs where weight bearing walking plaster is required
  • Useful where light weight plaster is required
  • It is of variable setting time
  • In house knitted fabric which is more conformable, elastic flexible fabric
  • More strength, therefore less bandages are required
  • Non fiberglass bandage, hence non carcinogenic
  • It is X-ray transparent
  • Patients can return to work early
  • U. Bandage is more pliable & softer made specially for tropical climates

To fix the fractured bones.

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