Safemode – Disposable Sterile Surgical Latex Gloves


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IMAEC Medntek Ltd. offers sterile Low Powdered Gloves for any surgical operation in the operation theatre. Our gloves are widely used by Surgeons, Physicians, Dentists, Pathologists, Emergency departments, Nursing Homes, Health Care Centers etc. The anatomical shape ensures comfortable donning without fatigue during extended use.

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1 x 1 pcs (Size 6.5''), 1 x 1 pcs (Size 6''), 1 x 1 pcs (Size 7.5''), 1 x 1 pcs (Size 7''), 1 x 1 pcs (Size 8''), 1 x 50 pcs (Size 6.5''), 1 x 50 pcs (Size 6''), 1 x 50 pcs (Size 7.5''), 1 x 50 pcs (Size 7''), 1 x 50 pcs (Size 8''), 1 x 500 pcs (Size 6.5''), 1 x 500 pcs (Size 6''), 1 x 500 pcs (Size 7.5''), 1 x 500 pcs (Size 7''), 1 x 500 pcs (Size 8'')


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  • Made from natural rubber latex
  • Lightly powdered polymer coated and low powdered excellent quality gloves.
  • Textured surface at palm and finger’s for enhanced instrument grip.
  • Strict compliance with ASTM D 3577-06 and EN 455 standards.
  • Anatomically shaped to prevent fatigue during Surgery.
  • Excellent barrier properties. High tensile strength and low modules.
  • Manufactured in a clean environment and sterilized in an in-house facility.
  • Soft gloves for superior comfort & natural fit.
  • CE certified. Bio burden and sterility tested.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, ASTM, ISO & EN.
  • Well designed to increase overall comfort and performance
  • Manufacturing standard of AQL-1.5 for pinholes.
  • Excellent grip while performing procedure
  • Well designed to protect & prevent Potential infections.
  • Available in wide variety of sizes

Any surgical procedure; vaginal delivery; invasive radiological procedures; performing vascular access and procedures (central lines); preparing total parental nutrition and chemotherapeutic agents, in critical care units, ICU, dressing change unit, wound care and non-invasive procedure. Sterile vaccine manufacturing procedures, Sterile Procedures in pharmaceutical industry, Food & Dairy industry, veterinary, Fish and Meat industry, QA & QC Departments, R&D laboratory, Pathology laboratory, Dental clinics.

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