• Dialysis

    August 6, 2022 admin

    Understanding the role of Artificial Kidney

    What is the function of artificial kidney? The human body is a complex machine working autonomously, continuously, and persistently. One never realizes or feels or understands many things happening inside the body. There are many parts to this machine, called the organs, and they are just names for common people. These organs work in the […]

  • Dialysis

    July 7, 2022 admin

    What are Hemodialysis Machines?

    Hemodialysis Procedure and Machines: Hemodialysis is a procedure in which blood is cleaned using a dialysis machine and a special filter known as dialyzer (artificial kidney). To get blood into the dialyzer, the doctor must gain access to, the blood vessels. This is accomplished through minor surgery, usually on arm. Blood is cleaned using HD […]

  • Dialysis

    June 10, 2022 admin

    Dialysis Versus Kidney Transplant

    Insights on Kidney Transplant: A kidney transplant may be an option for certain persons with renal failure. A healthy kidney from a donor is implanted into your body during transplant surgery. Your two kidneys are replaced by a fresh, donated kidney that performs the same functions. A kidney transplant is a therapy, not a cure, […]

  • Dialysis

    May 30, 2022 admin

    A typical day in the life of a dialysis patient

    Living with dialysis: It’s natural to be scared and apprehensive when you find out you’ll require a life-saving therapy like dialysis. Even if you get to tour a dialysis centre before starting treatment, you’ll be going to a new site for several hours, meeting your new health care team and other dialysis patients, and experiencing […]

  • Dialysis

    May 23, 2022 admin

    After-care for haemodialysis patients

    Haemodialysis overview for Patient education: Dialysis is a treatment for those who have severe kidney failure (also called a renal failure or end-stage kidney disease). Waste products and fluid build-up in the blood when the kidneys are no longer functioning properly. Dialysis helps the failing kidneys eliminate fluid and waste. When 90 per cent or […]

  • Dialysis

    May 9, 2022 admin

    Is your dialyzer safe to reuse?

    Know your dialyzer’s mechanism: Dialyzers are artificial kidneys that filter the blood outside your body. It filters the blood outside your body when the kidneys are not functioning well. Wastes and excess water are removed during hemodialysis using an external filter called a dialyzer, which has a semipermeable membrane. The wastes are separated by establishing […]

  • Dialysis

    April 18, 2022 admin

    Kidneys- The Bean-Shaped Filters of your Body

    Get to know your Kidneys better! The kidneys are two bean-shaped, fist-sized organs that filter extra water and wastes from the blood and form urine. They are located in the lower abdominal part right below the rib cage, on both sides of the spine. They are asymmetrical and the right kidney tends to be smaller […]

  • Dialysis

    November 11, 2021 admin

    Dialysis treatment from the comfort of your home

    Hemodialysis is a process where a kidney patient’s blood is filtered outside of the patient’s body through a dialyzer which acts like an “artificial kidney” to remove unwanted waste, toxins and excess fluids. Hemodialysis uses a solution called dialysate to remove these substances from the blood. Clean, chemically balanced blood is then returned to the […]

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