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    How to protect from 4th phase of covid by using IMAEC brands

    Will the world face the fourth wave of the pandemic?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant loss of human life throughout the world, and it poses an unprecedented threat to public health, food systems, and the workplace. The pandemic’s economic and social effects are devastating. Food security, public health, and employment and labour concerns, particularly worker health and safety, all intersect during the COVID-19 crisis. We began reopening workplaces, schools, and public spaces such as temples and parks by the end of 2021. In India, the requirement to wear a mask was officially abolished in April. After a two-year hiatus, people have only recently begun to appreciate their freedom from the pandemic. However, a surge in COVID cases was recorded again in May. According to a modelling study conducted by experts at the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India might begin around June 22 and peak between mid- and late August. The study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed but was just released on the preprint repository MedRxiv, employed a statistical model to anticipate the upcoming wave, which is expected to last four months. Apart from that, the effect of immunizations — first, second, or booster doses — may have a substantial impact on the likelihood of infection, the severity of infection, and other concerns associated with the fourth wave.

    Some precautions might help in avoiding the fourth wave:

    Since the start of the pandemic, people have become quite familiar with face masks, testing kits, and COVID-19 vaccinations. The growing number of Covid-19 instances in various nations throughout the world has prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to issue a new warning to everyone about the dangers of failing to follow Covid’s essential protocols. Notably, the WHO has said that the virus is still circulating and that there is a possibility of the creation of more lethal variants. As new varieties are discovered, it is critical that everyone gets vaccinated against the virus. Infection control measures serve a critical role in limiting disease transmission. Hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in infection control. Other precautions, including the use of masks, keeping social distance, and adequate disinfection, are also necessary. In a hospital setting, correct infection control procedures must be followed. Encouraging your staff to follow COVID protocols in the workplace might be the most effective method to keep them safe. Hand cleanliness has long been seen as a crucial component of infection prevention. The most effective strategy to remind employees about basic hand hygiene practises is to use hand sanitising stations and related posters. Hand hygiene stations with liquid dispensers are better for high-volume, continuous usage than individual hand sanitiser bottles. Encourage the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect your employees from COVID-19 variant transmission when necessary.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guidance for the Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment,

    1.Disposable gloves should be used to protect the hands.

    2.Gowns and aprons should be worn to protect the skin and clothes.

    3.Masks and respirators are worn to protect the mouth, nose, and respiratory tract.

    4.Protect the face, mouth, nose, and eyes using face shields, goggles, and face shields.

    IMAEC’s role in coping with the 4th wave’s concerns:

    IMAEC can assist you in preventing COVID in every manner feasible. We have solutions for all types of infection control issues. Disinfectants, sanitizers, and disposable clothes are available to assist you to stay safe from the virus. We have surface disinfectants that are effective against viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast, and other microorganisms. Antiviral activity of quaternary ammonium compounds has been discovered. Cidaltek R82, our surface and environment disinfectant, is a fifth-generation QAC that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) of India for use against new Coronaviruses. We also have a range of disinfectants for medical instrument disinfection and surface and environment disinfection. Cidaltek W10 is hydrogen peroxide and silver ion disinfectant that can also be used for water disinfection. In addition, hand hygiene is an important part of infection prevention. Cidaltek NAHS, a non-alcoholic hand sanitiser, is provided by IMAEC MEDNTEK. It’s a first-generation QAC that protects your skin from dryness while also killing a wide range of germs. We also supply the highest quality PPE kit for the protection of healthcare staff who assist COVID patients. It is constructed with laminated breathable film, which is a highly effective filtering and protecting material.


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