B-Blue Craniotomy/Neurology Drape

  • Product Category: Disposable Drape (Neurology Surgical Drape)
  • Product Material:
  1. SMMS Fabric 50 Gsm
  2. SMMS Polypropylene fabric water repellent
  3. Sheet Size: 250cm X 160cm with funnel
  4. Adhesive Area: 25 cm die
  5. Tube and cable holder: 01 Nos
  • Size: 250cm X 160cm
  • Packaging: Medical Pouch-ETO Sterile
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Drapes for neurosurgery are designed for efficient infection control.

The drape includes an integrated collection pouch with a filter and drain port to handle fluid effectively and help maintain a dry working area.

1) Integrated incise film

2) Effective absorption and fluid control support a dry working area

3) Impermeable materials to help protect against microbial transfer

4)All-in-one solutions allow for easy and efficient draping by one person


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  • Quick & easy to apply on the patients-save time & improves efficiency
  • Operating Area has 3 layer protection.
  • Made from highly water repellent material like SMMS.
  • No Fluid can pass through the drape in operating area.
  • No transfer of fabric fibers into the wound.
  • No chemical present in the fabric of the drape.
  • It Collects all fluid & directs to connected tube.
  • Level 4 protection as per ANSI/AAMI standards

For all kind of craniotomies Surgeries.

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