B-Blue C-Section Drapes

  • Product Category: Disposable Drape (Gynecology Surgical Drape)
  • Product Material:
  1. SMMS Fabric 50 Gsm
  2. SMMS Polypropylene fabric water repellent
  3. Sheet Size: 250cm X 160cm with funnel
  4. Incision Area : 25 cm diameter
  5. Tube & Cable Holder : 01 Nos
  • Size : 250cm X 160cm
  • Packaging : Medical Pouch-ETO Sterile
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Drapes and sets for obstetric surgery are designed for efficient and effective infection control.

procedure-specific drapes for C-section have an integrated fluid collection pouch with a soft-foam edge which helps manage fluids. They are designed to enable operating room efficiency. The drapes include integrated tube holders to help you organize your working area and they are easy for one person to drape.

Our drapes are impermeable to prevent strike-through.

1) Integrated fluid collection pouch for effective fluid management

2) Integrated clear incise film for secure attachment

3) Folded and packaged for easy, aseptic application by one person


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  • Quick & easy to apply on the patients-save time & improves efficiency
  • Operating Area has 3 layer protection.
  • Made from highly absorbent & water repellent material like SMMS.
  • No Fluid can pass through the drape in operating area.
  • No transfer of fabric fibers into the wound.
  • No chemical present in the fabric of the drape.
  • Level 4 protection as per ANSI/AAMI standards

For all kind of cesarean section.

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