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    What is Water Disinfection and Why is it important?

    Water Disinfectants:

    Infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and protozoan parasites are the most common and widespread health risks associated with drinking water. These microorganisms are introduced to people through contaminated drinking water, water drops, aerosols, and washing, as well as swimming in a pool or bathing.

    Some waterborne pathogenic microorganisms can cause serious, life-threatening diseases. Typhoid fever, cholera, and Hepatitis A or E are a few examples. Other microorganisms cause less severe diseases where diarrhea is frequently the primary symptom. People with low resistance, primarily the elderly and young children, are often vulnerable to these diseases.

    The removal, deactivation, or killing of pathogenic microorganisms in water is referred to as water disinfection. Microorganisms are destroyed or rendered inactive, putting an end to their growth and reproduction. Drinking water consumption will make people sick if microorganisms are not removed from it.

    Disinfectants should do more than just kill microorganisms. Disinfectants must also have a residual effect, meaning they must remain active in the water after disinfection. After disinfection, a disinfectant should prevent pathogenic microorganisms from growing in the plumbing and recontaminating the water.

    How does MEDNTEK W10 work?

    MEDNTEK W10 is a microorganism deactivator that contains hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. It is a highly effective and long-lasting oxidizing disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent that is made up entirely of water and oxygen. It kills germs simply by oxidizing them, making it the world’s safest and highly effective sanitizer. When it comes in contact with organic matter like germs it generates highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that oxidize cell membrane and deactivates cells. Meaning it is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic for general use. The addition of silver ions catalyzes this process of radical formation and makes it long-lasting.

    It is effective against a broad Spectrum of germs like viruses (including hepatitis B and C and covid-19), bacteria, yeasts and fungus. It is sporicidal and can also penetrate the biofilms formed by microorganisms.

    Chlorination is frequently used for the disinfection of water in swimming pools and tertiary treatment of wastewater. However, evidence suggests that the residual byproducts of water disinfection when using chlorination, such as trihalomethanes, can have negative health effects. In addition, Also, in some environmental conditions chlorination is not effective in adequately disinfecting water, leading to a risk of infection. MEDNTEK W10 is a much better alternative to chlorination due to its low toxicity.

    Simple to use and versatile:

    Due to its non-toxic nature, protective equipment and lengthy training for self-protection are not required in the case. Which makes it easy to use. It is also extremely versatile. It can be used in various types of Water Treatment including swimming pools, standing water, disposal water, sewage treatment systems and recovery injection water systems Apart from water treatment, it can be used for disinfecting critical surfaces, general areas and terminal areas. It can also be used for aerial disinfection and Environmental disinfection. MEDNTEK W10 is a single solution for several disinfection needs and an amazing tool to stop the spread of waterborne diseases.


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