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    June 13, 2022 admin

    Why is the non-woven fabric used for making disposable garments for hospital use?

    Use of non-woven fabric in healthcare:

    In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, COVID 19, infection prevention is high on the government’s and healthcare practitioners’ priority lists. Nonwovens are employed in a variety of goods in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as in clean air filtration and on a personal level, to combat infection, which is the first step toward enhancing health care and keeping costs down. According to the WHO, 10% of patients get an infection while undergoing medical treatment. Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) can be decreased by at least 30% with good infection prevention and management. Surgical site infections (SSIs) are one of the most prevalent HAIs, and they can result in extended hospital admissions, additional surgical operations, critical care unit therapy, and even death. The occurrence of SSI varies between 0.5 and 10.1 %, depending on the type of surgical treatment performed. As a result, a lot of money is spent on treating the effects of HAIs, and patients are frequently admitted to the hospital for longer than necessary to recuperate. Nonwovens are widely utilised in the medical industry and in other industries to guard against biological hazards. They provide crucial safety features such as infection and illness prevention. Nonwovens can aid in the fight against cross-contamination and the transmission of infection in a medical or surgical setting, especially with today’s multi-drug resistance bacteria and viruses. Because they are only used once and then cremated, there is no need for handling and the transmission of toxins is reduced.

    Non-woven fabrics are available in two types:

    Properties of non-woven that make it applicable in healthcare:

    Nonwovens were intended to meet medical demands after extensive development, and they perform far better than their woven equivalents in terms of cost, efficacy, disposability, and other factors. Cross-contamination is one of the most common difficulties in hospitals, and it’s mostly due to the re-use of woven gowns, masks, and other similar items that become contaminated and may spread germs. The introduction of nonwovens aided the creation of a more cost-effective, disposable alternative that considerably decreased the problem of cross-contamination. Nonwovens are recognised for providing greater performance in particular activities because they may be customised to meet the demands of the application. The following are the characteristics that make nonwovens the best choice for medical products: • Barrier qualities that are exceptional • Superior performance • Enhanced performance (comfort, thickness and weight, water vapour transmission, air permeability etc.) • User protection has been improved (better physical properties like tensile, tear resistance, abrasion resistance etc.) • Cross-contamination is less likely.

    Non-woven fabric used by IMAEC for disposable garments:

    IMAEC manufactures premium quality disposable garments that are made of non-woven fabric. The surgical gowns for hospital use are available in spunlace and SMMS material. The SMMS material is a four-layered fabric composed of spunbound and meltblown types of fabric. These surgical gowns provide excellent barrier properties for liquid particles. These are light in weight and ecologically harmless. These are good bacterial barriers that ensure good aseptic conditions. According to the OSHA guideline, the disposable garments play a major role in infection prevention in healthcare industry.


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