Cidaltek Alcohol Free Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Alcohol Free 3rd QAC Surface Wipes


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CidalTek – Alcohol free surface disinfectant wipes



Alkyl (60% C14, 30% C16, 5% C12, 5% C18) dimethyl benzene ammonium chloride


2.37% w/v







1 X 100 pcs

Alkyl (68% C12, 32% C14)

dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride

2.37% w/v
Purified water I.P &


 Proportional ratio-1:32


Size: 15 X 20 cm (Spunlace Non-woven Fabric)

Spectrum:  Bactericidal, Fungicidal & limited Virucidal, Effective against Candida Albicans & Aspergillus niger

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In the dental clinic setting, the potential for pathogen transmission from staff to patients (as well as from patients to staff) is of main concern. Sources of infectious microorganisms include contaminated body fluids (e.g., saliva and blood), improperly sterilized equipment/instruments, and airborne transmission. The invasive nature of the procedures performed on behalf of patients by both dentists and dental hygienists, coupled with the high degree of potential exposure within the oral cavity, underscores the need for pathogen elimination from all potential sources. Dental hygienists in particular may serve as a vital link in the potential transmission of microbes in a dentistry, as they are in contact with all incoming patients, including those seeking only routine services (e.g., cleanings and X-rays) and those who require more complex procedures.1-3

CidalTek-Alcohol Free Surface Disinfectant Wipes having 3rd generation quaternary ammonium compound disinfectant wet wipes with having broad spectrum antimicrobial action and able to disinfectant all the hard surfaces which will be potential contaminated with pathogens.


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  • Alcohol & Bleach free formulation
  • 3rd Generation QAC based advanced formulation
  • Pre-moistened disinfecting wipes eliminate up to 99.9% of surface germs,
  • Pre-saturated, low lint and non-sticky wet wipes
  • Bactericidal, Fungicidal & limited Virucidal
  • Effective against Candida Albicans & Aspergillus niger
  • Broad spectrum activity on multiple surfaces
  • Residual in action after surface treatment with CidalTek-Wipes
  • Environment friendly
  • Non-corrosive formula
  • Aldehyde free formulation
  • Non- Volatile Compound (VOC’s Free)
  • Very low concentration required
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Single step cleaning
  • Best option for dental hospital, college, lab etc.

  • First wear the gloves and use a wipe to remove heavy soil. Unfold a clean wipe and thoroughly wet surface. Treated surface must remain visibly wet for a full 10 minutes. Use additional wipe(s) if needed to assure continuous 10-minute wet contact time. Let air dry.
Contact Time: 5-10 Minutes

  • For cleaning and disinfection of clinical contact surfaces which can be contaminated from patient materials either by spray or spatter generated during dental procedures.
  • For cleaning and disinfecting a hard and non-porous material or like glass metal or plastic in dental healthcare settings like, light handles, switches, dental radiograph equipment, dental chairside computers, reusable containers of dental materials, drawer handles, faucet handles, countertops, pens, telephones, and doorknobs in dental healthcare settings.
  • For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are most likely to become contaminated with pathogens including clinical contact surfaces in patient care areas in dental clinics. switches on dental chairs, computer equipment, keyboards, computer mouse, dentist chair arm, patient chair arm, dental tool handles, dental receptionist countertops, bathroom door knob, operatory cabinet handles, dentist light, clinic phones, door knobs, operatory sink faucet etc.
  • Use for clean and disinfect clinical contact surfaces in dental healthcare settings those that are difficult to clean (switches on dental chairs, computer equipment, etc).
  • Use for cleaning and disinfection of contaminated surfaces to patients occurs primarily through DHCP (Dental healthcare personnel) hand contact.

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal, Mildewstat & Sporicidal.

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