Cidaltek W10

Sporicidal Fogging Solution

Composition: Each 100 ml contains

Active Ingredients Quantity
Hydrogen peroxide 10 % v/v
Silver ions 0.01 % w/v
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Proper disinfection and cleaning of dental work surfaces are vital in preventing infectious pathogens’ transmission to healthcare workers and patients. The CDC defines disinfection as the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, physically or chemically. It offers guidelines on environmental surface disinfection for dental offices. Environmental surface disinfection is the cleaning and disinfecting of non-critical environmental surfaces using low-level to intermediate-level surface disinfectants.

CidalTek-W10 is a multi-component disinfectant containing Hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent with combination of stabilizing agents to form a complex solution. A long-lasting disinfectant effect is achieved with addition of silver ions to the formula. It is Non-Carcinogenic, Bio-Degradable, Eco-friendly, and most importantly easy to use highly effective in dental clinic & dental labs.


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  • Broad spectrum against micro-organisms
  • Penetrates the biofilms formed by microorganisms
  • Sporicidal in action
  • Environment friendly & Bio-degradable
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Generates highly reactive hydroxyl radical in synergy with Ag+
  • Tasteless, Colorless & Odorless disinfectant
  • No toxic disinfection by-products

For Surface & Environmental Disinfection

  • Add 100 ml (10%) of CidelTek-W10 disinfectant to 900 ml of water and mix well, apply on surface for 30 min contact time.
  • For Sporicidal action on surface use 20% Conc. Solution of CidalTek-W10 for 60 min contact time.
  • After thoroughly wetting the surface with lint free cloth, mop, sponge.
  • Treated surface must remain wet for respective contact time & allow to air dry.
  • Use 2-3 Bucket system for surface cleaning & disinfection
For Aerial Disinfection
  • Add 200 ml (20 %) of CidalTek W10 in 950 ml of water for 1000 cubic feet area.
  • For Sporicidal action on use 20% Conc. Solution of CidalTek-W10 for 60 min contact time.
  • Fogging machine should be mounted 2-3 feet from the floor level.
  • The angle of fogger machine kept at approximately 45 degrees.
  • Ensure the room is thoroughly cleaned before & after fogging with CidalTek W10 solution.
Note: 1) Before using disinfectant read the product label & instruction carefully 2) Use appropriate PPE before handling disinfectant 3) Use freshly Prepared disinfectant   Dilution Chart:
Area Solution % Amount of product Amount of water Contact time
    Surface Disinfection (2-3 Bucket System)     10 % 100 ml (critical area) 900 ml       30 Minutes    
1000 ml 10 lit
2 Lit 20 lit
5 Lit 50 lit
  Terminal / Aerial disinfection (Fogging)   20 % (1000 Ft3) 200 ml 800 ml Fogger time: 20-25 Minutes Disinfection Time :60 Minutes (Total Time: 1 hrs. 20 Minutes)
1 Liter 5 Liters
2 Liter 10 Liters
Note: - Product should be used in accordance with label instruction

  • In the dental operatory to decontaminate environmental surfaces.
  • For disinfection of housekeeping surfaces (floors, walls, and sinks) have risk of disease transmission in dental healthcare settings.
  • For disinfection of dental environmental surfaces by removing organic matter, salts, and visible soils in dental settings such as area in dental laboratory, bathroom, and reception room in dental.
  • Soil surfaces (e.g., Blood, or body fluid) disinfection at dental clinic.
  • For disinfection of walls, and other vertical surfaces which are visibly contaminated by blood or OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Material) in dentistry.
  • For cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces including blood and body substance spills.
  • For disinfecting spills of blood and other body fluids in dental clinic.
  • For aerial fogging in dental surgery unit, labs etc.

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal & Sporicidal.

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