Cidaltek CGIP70

CHG + IP Hand Rub

Composition: Each 100ml Contains

Active Ingredients Quantity
Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution

(Equivalent to Chlorhexidine Gluconate IP)

Isopropyl Alcohol IP 0.70ml
Colour Carmoisine Red

 Pack Size: 5 Lit.

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CidalTek-CGIP70 hand rub comprehensive antimicrobial activity and rapid action of ethanol & chlorhexidine gluconate help in improved compliance with hand hygiene. It contains chlorhexidine gluconate and isopropyl alcohol that effectively kills germs and provides prolonged protection. CidalTek-CGIP70 Handrub also contains high-quality moisturizer that prevents drying and protects the skin from damage. CDC recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as the preferred form of hand hygiene in dental healthcare settings, based upon greater access to hand sanitizer. Dental health care providers who use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as part of their hand hygiene routine can inform patients that they are following CDC guidelines.


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  • Ready to use alcohol-based hand hygiene solution
  • Instant action
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • kills germs 99.99% effectively on hands & skin
  • More effective than soap at killing potentially deadly germs on hands
  • Rapid and Prolonged Action
  • Persistent activity for 6 hours
  • Effective against MRSA & VRE, Drug resistance pathogens
  • Excellent virucidal activity
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Dermatologically compactible

  • Hand Hygiene Solution: Ready to Use. (For external use only)
Use 6 ml (4 pushes of dispenser) of CidalTek-CGIP70 to rub palms for 30-60 seconds, front back to front and in-between your fingers until the liquids covers your hands & air dries. Follow the protocol of hand hygiene techniques as per WHO & CDC guidelines.
  • Surgical Hand Disinfection: Ready to Use. (For external use only)
Use appropriate amount of CidalTek-CGIP70 to rub palms, front back to front and in-between your fingers until the liquids covers your hands till the elbow & air dries. The contact time in between 1.5 – 3 minutes. Follow the protocol of surgical hand preparation techniques as per WHO & CDC guidelines.
  • Hygienic hand disinfection: 30-60 seconds
  • Surgical hand disinfection: 5 – 3 minutes
  • For Skin antisepsis: Dispense sufficient. Rub vigorously over all surfaces until dry.

  • As per WHO and CDC recommendation for hand hygiene & skin antisepsis practices
  • Routine hygienic hand antisepsis if hands are not visibly soiled
  • Use as surgical hand disinfection before conducting dental surgeries
  • For rapid hand disinfection in dental clinics
  • For use before & after dental patient contact
  • Before leaving the dental treatment area
  • Before and after treating each dental patient for dental procedures
  • Before putting on gloves and again immediately after removing gloves
  • After barehanded touching of instruments, equipment, materials, and other objects likely to be contaminated
  • To avoid the cross contamination/ transmission via hand
  • For dental professionals, including dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, students, and practice managers use best practice in hand hygiene.

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Tuberculocidal, Mycobactericidal   & Virucidal.

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