Dental Chair

  • Dental chair used for all dental procedures.
  • Examination/treatment chairs designed to facilitate dental examination, treatment, and/or minor surgical procedures.
  • These chairs are typically adjustable up to a height that allows the healthcare staff to perform procedures while standing.
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  1. Double articulating headrest with seesaw movement
  2. Soft cervical support
  3. Dental unit having overhead delivery system
  4. Two -3 way syringes (Tip autoclavable, with spare tips) one on unit side and other on the assistant side
  5. Two high speed Air rotor terminals with two rotor hand
    pieces and accessories and one terminal for fiber optic. One for air
    motor/micro motor having straight and contra angle hand pieces and other for air rotor terminal with two air rotor hand pieces with two spare cartridges
  6. LED light cure unit with minimum intensity 1200 mW/cm2
  7. Infection control system with non-retraction valves (Bio system /equivalent)
  8. All hand pieces / terminals should be kept on Autoclavable pads
  9. Arm of unit pneumatically locked
  10. All air tubing of the delivery system can be disinfected internally after every dental procedure
  11. One in built piezo ultrasonic scalar (max frequency 36 KHZ)
  12. Removable auxiliary tray (autoclavable) It should have integrated latest foot operated LED light (30000 – 50000 Lux).
  13. Rotatable water system with removable spittoon
  14. Medium Vacuum Suction and high suction (Motorized Suction)
    having multiple programmes; Two programmable working positions Spitting and last working position with light ON and OFF automatically. Return to Zero position with light OFF automatically.
  15. Emergency stop control with luminous indication
  16. Programmable bowl water and cup filler water
  17. LED based X-ray viewer (For I.P.G/O.P.G films).Provided with right arm.
  18. Multi functional foot control base
  19. Provided with two stool with adjustable backrest tilt including an adjustable ring for foot rest
  20. Oil free medical grade compressor of 1. HP


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