Secure Pro Hot Sterilant For Hemodialysis Machine


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It is effectively used to reduce Hemodialysis machine breakdowns. Used for de-scaling and decalcification of Hemodialysis machine with recirculation. It is produced in compliance with international standards and is bio-degradable.

Contact Time:
• For disinfection 5 minutes
• For Sterilization 10 minutes
Precautions :
• Keep container tightly closed.
• Store upright position.
• Avoid contact with eyes

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5 Litre


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  • Produced in compliance  with International Standards
  • Used in biofilms, calcium , magnesium deposits to reduce Hemodialysis Machine breakdown
  • Disinfection And Decalcification in one process
  • Safe for health and environment

Ready To Use:
  • Use a combination of combination & heat disinfection for hemodialysis machine with recirculation
  • Should be used according to machine instructions at elevated temperatures only
  • Dissolve blood residue
  • Biodegradable And Non toxic
  • At 60°C having a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity

Used for de-scaling and decalcification of Haemodialysis machine with recirculation.

Bactericidal, Virucidal , Fungicidal , Yeasticidal.

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