Cidaltek-Alcohol Free Surface Disinfectant Wipes


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Pre-Saturated Wipes with Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (with Proportional ratio 1:32)


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1 x 10 pcs, 1 x 100 pcs


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  • Alcohol & Bleach free formulation
  • 3rd Generation QAC based advanced formulation
  • Pre-moistened disinfecting wipes eliminating up to 99.9% of surface germs,
  • Pre-saturated, low lint, and non-sticky wet wipes
  • Bactericidal, Fungicidal & limited Virucidal
  • Effective against Candida Albicans & Aspergillus niger
  • Broad-spectrum activity on multiple surfaces
  • Residual in action after surface treatment with Cidaltek-Wipes
  • Environment friendly
  • Non-corrosive formula
  • Aldehyde free formulation
  • Non-Volatile Compound (VOC’s Free)
  • Very low concentration required
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Single-step cleaning
  • Best option for Cancer hospitals, IVF Clinics
Note: Product should be used in accordance with label instruction

• To disinfect: Use on hard, non-porous & non-food contact surfaces • Wipe the surface and leave it until air dry • Use enough wipes for the treated surface to remain visibly wet, Let surface dry • For a heavily soiled surface, clean excess dirt first. • For the effectiveness of Surfaces disinfection take Pre & Post ATP luminometer count for monitoring the surface hygiene.

  • Healthcare Facilities-Hospitals, Clinics, medical-related facilities, OT, ICU, NICU, IPCU, CCU, critical care, Isolation rooms, Labs, Cancer hospital, IVF clinics, Dental Clinics, etc.
  • In Veterinary Clinics- Various animal cages, facilities, Surgical procedure rooms, Operation theatres (OT), Animal laboratories, Dairy farms, Hog forms, Poultry farms, Kennels, Pet animal quarters, Pet shops, Zoo, etc.
  • In Dairy & Food industries- Various surfaces, Platforms, Working stations, Storage facilities, Sterile zone, Quality control, environmental disinfection, labs, etc.
  • Wine & brewery industries- Various Surface, Barrels, Storage facilities, Fermenters, labs, Quality control, environment disinfection, etc.
  • Poultry/hatcheries centres/Fisheries/Meat & processing units- Cutting & processing surface, Storage containers, Mixing units, various handling units, frequently touched surfaces, Cages, Sterile zones, Quality control, environmental disinfection, labs, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical /Vaccine manufacturing/Research labs- Various surfaces, Platforms, Working stations, Biosafety labs, Storage facilities, Sterile zone, Quality control, environmental disinfection, labs, etc.
  • Institutional & Industrial Janitorial- Hotels, Motels, Athletic facilities, Colleges, Correctional facilities, Business/office buildings, Dressing rooms, Exercise facilities, Factories, Institutional facilities, Locker rooms, Nurseries, Shower & bath areas, Prisons, Public facilities, public restrooms, Schools, Daycare centres, Auditorium, etc.
  • Transportation- Airplanes, Airports, Boats, Buses, Campers, Cars, Emergency/ Rescue vehicles, Mobile homes, Ships, Taxis, Trailers, Trains, Transportation terminals, etc

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