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Surface & Environmental Disinfectant- Rapid & Prolonged in action , sporicidal.

CidalTek W10 is a multi-component disinfectant containing Hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent with combination of stabilizing agents to form a complex solution. A long-lasting disinfectant effect is achieved with addition of silver to the formula. It is Non-Carcinogenic, and most importantly easy to use highly effective water disinfectant.

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1 Litre, 5 Litre


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  • Broad Spectrum against microorganisms
  • Penetrates the biofilms formed by microorganisms
  • Generates highly reactive hydroxyl radical in synergic with Ag+ .
  • Rapidly disinfects Odorless disinfectant

Dilution Chart

Area Solution % Amount of Product Taken Amount of water Taken Contact Time
Surface & Environmental 10%   100 ml 900 ml 20 mins
General Area (Non-classified) 5% 50 ml 950 ml 10 mins
Terminal/ Aerial Disinfection 20% (1000 cubic feet area) 200 ml 800 ml 30 mins
Water Disinfectant:
  • Solution %: RTU
  • Amount Of Product: Use MEDNTEK W10 undiluted in water manually or use a dosing pump which is adjusted @1ml/10 litres of the flow of water.
  • Contract Time: 5 Hrs
Note: - Product should be used in accordance with label instruction

Critical surfaces, Environment, General area, terminal /aerial disinfection.

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Virucidal & Sporicidal.

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