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Quat- free & Aldehyde free general-purpose disinfectant
(Surface, Environmental Disinfectant & Cleaner)

Bis (3-Aminopropyl) dodecylamine disinfectant Solution

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1 Litre


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• Disinfectant cleaner based upon triamine technology • Cleans & disinfects multiple surfaces • Non-corrosive formulation • Excellent material compatibility • Broad spectrum activity • Time-saving, single-step cleaning • Maintains performance in the presence of organic load • Very low use concentration • Short contact time required • Best choice for 2-3 bucket system of cleaning • Best option for Cancer hospitals, IVF clinics • Quat-free: leaves no residue or smell upon cleaning • Aldehyde free formulation • Does not contain VOCs, alcohols, chlorine, or quats • Eco-friendly • Rapid cleaner for greasy & oily surfaces

1) Used in hospitals for various non-critical areas such as patient waiting area, lobby, staircase, corridor, consulting rooms, administration dept. etc. 2) Best option for Cancer hospitals, IVF clinics, Opthal clinic 3) Used in Veterinary clinics, Animal houses, Animal facilities in research labs, Poultry, hatcheries centers, Fisheries, Meat & processing units 4) Restaurants, Hotels, shopping malls, housekeeping service departments, Railway stations & Airport facilities 5) Food processing/Packaging units, Vegetables & fruit packaging units 6) Schools, Corporate offices, Athletic facilities, and institutions 7) Dairy industries, Winery & brewery unites, Mineral water packaging unit 8) Pharmaceutical industries, Vaccine manufacturing units, various research labs, Agricultures units

Effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses.

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