Cidaltek ID-50

Aldehyde- free surgical instruments and RO membrane disinfectant & cleaner


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Contact Time:
• For Pre-Cleaning of instruments: – 2% solution for 15 min
• For Instrument Disinfection: – 2% solution for 60 min
• For RO Membrane Disinfection: 2% solution for 30-45 mins

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1 Litre, 100 ml


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• Aldehyde- free, disinfects tools rapidly • Triamine based technology • Eco-friendly • Highly effective • Provides excellent anti-microbial efficacy • Excellent compatibility with RO membrane • Lubricant for instruments • Good surface-active properties • High efficacy even in the presence of heavy organic soiling, such as protein or blood • Best choice for Urological medical device disinfection • Broad-spectrum microbial efficacy • Active against Tb and specific viruses (e.g., Hepatitis-B) • Sporicidal in action • Excellent material compatibility • Best option for Cancer hospital, IVF centres, Obstetrics and Gynaecology centres, Orthopaedic centres, Opthal Clinics, Paediatric Hospitals

How to Use: For Instruments, Tools, equipment’s, Utensil Precleaning & Disinfection • For Pre-cleaning heat sensitive semi-critical medical device such as Endoscope, cystoscope etc, Surgical Instruments / equipment submerse them into Cidaltek -ID 50 2% solution for minimum 15 min. • Remove heavy soil/organic deposits from surface. • Rinse thoroughly with tap water (hardness less than 400 ppm). • For other pre-cleaning agents, refer to surgical instruments/equipment manufacturers recommendations. • For disinfection, submerse clean instrument/equipment in Cidaltek -ID 50 2% solution for 60 min according to the requirement. • Rinse with sterile distilled water and allow to dry before use. • Prepare a fresh solution daily or more often if the solution become visibly dirty or diluted then discard it.

1) In Hospitals: Heat sensitive instrument cleaning, pre-cleaning and disinfection of surgical tools & instruments in pharmaceutical, hospital, medical colleges, laboratories, etc. 2) In Veterinary Clinics: Heat sensitive surgical instrument, tools & SS grade surgical instruments for precleaning & disinfection 3) In Dairy & Food industries : For precleaning and disinfection of milk containers, milk processing units, milking machines, Storage tanks, Fermenters, milk carrier vehicles, packaging units, flushing of pipelines, RO membrane disinfection etc. 4) Wine & Brewery industries : For precleaning and disinfection of Grapes & grains storage containers, fermenters, Carrier pipelines, barrels, RO membrane disinfection etc. 5) Poultry/Hatcheries centres/Fisheries/Meat & processing units : Cutting & processing instruments, storage containers, Mixing units, various handling instruments, etc. 6) Pharmaceutical /Vaccine manufacturing/Research labs : For precleaning and disinfection of heat sensitive equipment’s/instruments, RO membrane disinfection etc.

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Virucidal & Sporicidal.  

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