CidalTek- ID 50

Aldehyde Free Triamine base Instrument Disinfectant


Composition: Each 100 ml contains


Active Ingredients Quantity
N, N- Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecyl amine 14 % w/w
Didecyl methyl polyoxyethyl ammonium propionate 12.6 % w/w
Aqueous base Q.S.
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Effective and efficient dental Instrument disinfection is essential for the safety of patients and to ensure that productivity does not suffer. Infection control programs all include the cleaning and disinfection of reusable dental instruments and devices. CidalTek-ID50 is an efficient disinfection & cleaner solution which is made for disinfection of dental instruments & tools used in dental medical colleges and laboratories and dental hospitals. It is high-performance concentrated solution for the cleaning and disinfection of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive semi-critical instruments. The formulation inhibits instrument corrosion and protects them from discoloration even with prolonged immersion.


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  • Aldehyde- free, disinfects tools rapidly
  • Does not contain phenols, aldehydes, chlorine or EDTA
  • Triamine based technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly effective
  • Provides excellent anti-microbial efficacy
  • It is recommended for all types of surgical and dental instruments
  • Excellent compatibility with RO membrane
  • Short soaking time for pre-cleaning only 15 mins
  • Lubricant for instruments
  • 2 in 1 product: cleans & disinfects
  • Use in immersion bath or ultrasonic bath
  • Effectively removes organic residues
  • Good surface-active properties & cleaner
  • High efficacy even in the presence of heavy organic soiling, such as protein or blood
  • Best choice for dental critical and semi critical device disinfection.
  • Broad-spectrum microbial efficacy
  • Active against tubercle bacilli and specific viruses (e.g., Hepatitis-B)
  • Excellent virucidal activity
  • Sporicidal in action
  • Excellent Material compatible, even with the most sensitive materials
  • Best option for dental Hospitals, College, labs & Clinics.

Direction of use: Dilution Chart with CidalTek -ID50 2% v/v correct solution strength

Purpose Amount of product Amount of water Concentration Contact time
Pre- cleaning 20 ml 1 litre 2 % 15 minutes
Instrument Disinfection 20 ml 1 litre 2% 60 minutes
100 ml 5 litres
RO membrane 20 ml 1 litre 2 % 30 – 45 minutes
Note: - Product should be used in accordance with label instruction Contact Time:
  • For Pre-Cleaning of instruments: - 2% solution for 15 min
  • For Instrument Disinfection: - 2% solution for 60 min
  • For RO Membrane Disinfection: 2% solution for 30-45 min
  • Compatible with most materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, glass, ceramics, hard plastics, ebonite, etc.
  • Not compatible with disinfecting preparations containing aldehydes.
  How to Use: For Dental device, Instruments & Tools Precleaning & Disinfection
  • For Pre-clean all heat sensitive semi-critical medical device such as surgical instruments, extraction forceps, bone chisels, periodontal scalers, scalpel blades, surgical dental burs, dental mouth mirror, amalgam condenser, air/water syringes reusable dental impression trays, dental handpieces, endodontic files by scrubbing or brushing with disinfectant in dental settings and submerging into CidalTek -ID50 2% solution for 15 min
  • Wear the PPE & gloves
  • Remove heavy soil/organic deposits from surface
  • Rinse thoroughly with tap water (hardness less than 400 ppm)
  • For effective disinfection, submerse clean instrument/equipment in CidalTek -ID50 2% solution for 60 min according to the requirement.
  • Rinse with sterile distilled water with 2-3 times and allow to dry before use.
  • Prepare a fresh solution daily or more often if the solution become visibly dirty or diluted then discard it.
For RO Membrane Disinfection
  • Prepare 2% solution of CidalTek -ID50 as per the requirement.
  • Circulate this solution in the RO membranes for 30-45 minutes.
  • After 30-45 minutes drain the solution.
  • Flush RO membranes thoroughly with water until water becomes free from residual disinfectant. (2-4 times flushing will remove the residual disinfectant)
  • CidalTek-ID50 does not cause any harm or oxidation to polyamide layer of RO membranes.
  Note: 1) Before using disinfectant read the product label & instruction carefully 2) Use appropriate PPE before handling disinfectant 3) Use freshly Prepared disinfectant

  • For disinfection of dental patient care items (dental instruments, critical, semi-critical dental equipment).
  • For dental semi-critical instruments that comes into contact with mucous membranes or broken skin, such as specula, laryngeal mirror & internal ultrasound probes.
  • For disinfection of dental semi critical and critical medical devices (surgical instruments, extraction forceps, bone chisels, periodontal scalers, scalpel blades, surgical dental burs, dental mouth mirror, amalgam condenser, air/water syringes reusable dental impression trays, dental handpieces, endodontic files)
  • For precleaning of dental semi critical and critical medical devices in dental.
  • To clean and disinfect contaminated dental instruments and devices through percutaneous injury in dental settings.
  • To removing and disinfecting debris as well as organic and inorganic contamination of dental devices by scrubbing or brushing with disinfectant in dental settings.
  • Use for cleaning and decontamination of dental unit waterlines which become colonized with microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.
  • Use for objects and tools which are visibly contaminated by saliva, mucous and Other potentially infectious material in dental clinics and hospitals.
  • For disinfection of RO membrane used in dental water supply

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, Virucidal & Sporicidal.

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