Cidaltek E

Alcoholic Instant Instrument Spray

 Composition: Each 100ml Contains

Active Ingredients Quantity
Ethanol (Denatured with 1% DEP) 10% w/w
2-Propanol IP 9% w/w
1-Propanol BP 6% w/w
Purified Water IP Q.S.

     Pack Size: 5 Lit.

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Instant Instrument/Surface Disinfectant:

CidalTek-E disinfectant having comprehensive antimicrobial activity and rapid action of ethanol & isopropanol. Alcohols are effective at eliminating vegetative bacteria and viruses from surfaces. The antimicrobial effectiveness of alcohol is through damage to bacterial cell membranes and subsequent denaturation of cellular proteins. A more effective alcohol is isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which is fast acting and possesses a broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. When alcohols are used in combination, such as IPA and ethanol, the antimicrobial action is arguably greater. This is because IPA is slightly more efficacious against bacteria, whereas ethanol is more potent against viruses. The combination of the two makes for an effective disinfectant product.

CDC has divided noncritical surfaces in dental offices into clinical contact and housekeeping surfaces. Clinical contact surfaces are surfaces that might be touched frequently with gloved hands during patient care or that might become contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious material and subsequently contact instruments, hands, gloves, or devices (e.g., light handles, switches, dental X-ray equipment, chair-side computers). Barrier protective coverings (e.g., clear plastic wraps) can be used for these surfaces, particularly those that are difficult to clean (e.g., light handles, chair switches). Protected surfaces should be disinfected at the end of each day or if contamination is evident. If not barrier-protected, these surfaces should be disinfected between patients with an intermediate-disinfectant disinfectant with tuberculocidal claim) or low-level disinfectant (disinfectant with an HBV and HIV label claim).


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  • Ready to use alcohol-based disinfectant solution
  • Aldehyde-free
  • Instant action
  • Kills germs 99.99% effectively
  • Quick drying
  • Leaves no stains/ residue behind
  • Effective against MRSA & VRE, Drug resistance pathogens
  • Excellent virucidal activity

    • Rapid Dental Equipment /Instruments/Hard Surfaces Disinfection: Ready to Use. (For external use only) rapid disinfectant with comprehensive spectrum of activity for alcohol-resistance surfaces and dental devices.
    • CidalTek-E is suitable for the rapid disinfection of hard surfaces in the spray-wipe procedure, where a rapid effect is necessary, e.g., for dental equipment, instruments, dental chair, platform, dental tooth cast formation platform etc.
    • Wipe the surfaces to be disinfected, with enough ready-to use solution, ensuring complete coverage.
    • Rapid disinfection of hard surfaces of any dental equipment 30 seconds exposure time.
    • Always prefer a wipe disinfection by using lint free cloth over the spray disinfection, as it prevents the formation of aerosols and ensure best possible wetting.
    • When spraying, wipe afterwards, if possible, to ensure complete wetting
    Contact Time: 30 seconds to 5 Minutes Note: - Product should be used in accordance with label instruction

  • Rapid disinfection of dental instruments, equipment, materials, and other objects which frequently come in contact with hands.
  • For rapid cleaning and disinfection of sensitive dental equipment surfaces
  • For immediate disinfection of dental chair, equipment & accessories, waste receivers, hand pieces in kidney plates, specially used on “spitting areas” of dental chairs
  • Also used on inanimate surfaces in dental hospital/clinical/labs
  • Hard surface of frequently touch surfaces in dental hospital like dental chair handle, door knob, switches, holders, examination table, seating chairs, OPD, consulting rooms, clean touch screens, sensitive equipment, switches, dental Xray equipment, chair-side computers etc.
  • For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are most likely to become contaminated with pathogens including clinical contact surfaces in patient care areas in dental clinics such as, switches on dental chairs, computer equipment, keyboards, computer mouse, dentist chair arm, patient chair arm, dental tool handles, dental receptionist countertops, bathroom door knob, operatory cabinet handles, dentist light, clinic phones, door knobs, operatory sink faucet etc

Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal & Virucidal.

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